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Our Interior Designers & Architects 


Having realized their their passion for creating aesthetic living spaces at a very young age, JGG and EM pursued their careers studying art, history, business, architecture and design.  TGM team is a marriage of the design arts and architecture.  Their design style, level of training, education and experience is matched only by their steadfast determination to produce a finished product that exceeds the industry standards.



Received an architectural degree from “Universidad Central de Venezuela” in 1992 and has a post graduate degree from Columbia University. New York. 1995.

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The Story

The company is a passionate venture of interior designers and architects whose standards of excellence and necessity for perfection transform vision into reality.  MASSI & MGT Group currently houses a diverse bilingual staff of architects, interior designers, and administrative assistants.

Based in the heart of Miami’s trendsetting design district and in business for nearly 20 years, GM imprints their innovative signature style at home and abroad.  Locations span Europe, North America, the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America counting successes’ in New York, Paris, Madrid, La Romana, San Salvador, and Caracas.

New world, mixed with more traditional and eclectic vibes and historical pieces from the client's past, is what makes each project so unique and personal.  The goal of MASSI & MGT Group in all of its spaces designed is to make a singular, awe inspiring place for their clients, yet giving them a twist of their own eye and lifestyle.  Each project is individual, each project is distinctive, yet the GMG look is never lost throughout their designs.

Plans, 3-D renderings, models, demolition, build out, electrical, plumbing, ceiling, wall and floor finishing’s, elevations, sections, the aesthetic details of mood, placement, color, layout,  fabrics, furniture, lighting, coverings, and art to the final workings and accessories; nothing is left to chance.  A Garcia Mathies project is finalized when it effectively sinks all the senses.

MASSI & MGT Group is a full service bilingual company compromised of a cohesive team of industry professionals chosen for their specialized expertise, work ethic, and ability to achieve exceptional results according to the highest standards and greatest exceptions of each and every year.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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