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Polished Concrete &

White Marble

Who We Are ?

We work in the flooring business, developing new techniques and innovating new styles of flooring. We work with our customers to expand our company's services. We treat each unique project with the utmost precision.

What Makes Us Different?

Our mission is to fulfill and exceed our customer expectations, as well as build and strengthen lifelong relationships with our customers. We value every customer and honor their concrete vision.

How Can We Serve You?

We transform and renovate spaces using original and sustainable concepts. Whether your goals are shine and durability, or conserving rusticity and originality, AH Concrete has the ability to create the perfect space for your needs.


Since 2016, Concrete Specialties

Has dedicatedly met the reconstruction needs of both residential and commercial facilities. Led by AH  is a staple in the South Florida community for specializations in concrete floor polishing, terrazzo, marble, acid stains, epoxy coating, and micro-topping concrete. We’ve gained over 15 years experience with original techniques and treatments for clients, and we believe each project has its own unique process.  Concrete Specialities is committed to meeting the needs of all types of residential and commercial facilities. We have the pleasure to collaborate with many contractors, developers and others sources. 

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