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We have a ultra high network individuals to execute a real commodities deals



MASSI Group strong links to the oil and coal sectors, as well as to the nuclear, wind and solar sectors, allow us to provide investors with the highest quality information, essential for the right decisions to be taken.



Our contacts in logistics and planning allow product travel in an efficient and cost-effective manner.



From prospecting for metals, to their casting and end use, MASSI is involved in every metallurgical process, providing its customers with the right solutions.


Raw materials and goods

Our team offers solutions for risk management and marketing, both in local and global markets.

We Cover

Test Tubes

Oil & Derivatives

Food and Beverage




We work directly with the end sellers and end buyers.


We rapidly develop the Latin American, US and Asia Market in a variety of commodities areas: Commodities Trading, Energy Companies’ Bond Trading, High Net Worth Capital Investments/Wealth Management, Government Debt, Project Financing. We believe that by combining  partners capabilities in the U.S. and European markets and our Group’s strong foothold and network in Latin America, US AND ASIA we can capitalize the Regions’ growing opportunities.



Gain Total Access To Latin America, US AND ASIA Network Services* High Net Worth Investors (Individuals & Companies) * Over 400 key investors US$20Mn + investment capacity * Government Officials (from Presidents to Key Ministers) * Commodities Companies and Organizations* Strategic Services * Develop the right access strategies to the different key players in the different countries * Define and deploy the best structure strategy to service the market * Build the business relationship consistently across the different LATAM , US AND ASIA countries * Access to key media and powerful PR sources to create a strong presence in The Region in a very short period of time

Our main goal: We go directly to the decision makers



Thank you !!!

8350 NW 52nd Terrace, suite 301.Miami, FL 33166 ​/ PH: +17863065677

We are seller mandates of Copper Cathodes

Copper Cathodes

  1. High quality exports Copper Cathodes from Africa to provide our clients with the high quality products and at the best global market rates

  2. Size: 1029mm x 1010mm x 8mm

  3. Weight: 80kg Per Sheet

  4. Purity: 99.99%-99.97% Min

  5. Usage: Electric Light Industry, Machinery Manufacturing, Building Industry ,Defense Industry, and Other Fields Manufacturing Industrial .Valves And Fittings,Instrument Sliding Bearing.

  6. Packaging: Steel Belt Packed

  7. Stable Quality

  8. Copper Surface Level Off Is Smooth,

  9. Copper Plate Lug

  10. Electrolyte Residue.

Chemical composition

  1. Copper (Max %Age): 99.99%

  2. Iron (Fe/ppm): 2

  3. Sulphur (S/ppm): 4

  4. Oxygen 0.2/ppm): Nil

  5. Argent (Ag/ppm): 10

  6. Lead (Pb/ppm): 0.2

  7. Nickel (Ni /ppm): 0.2

  8. Selenium (Se/ppm): 0.3

  9. Antimony (Sb/ppm): 0.1

  10. Silica (Si/ppm): 0.3

  11. Cobalt (Co/ppm): 0.2

  12. Arsenic (As/ppm): 0.1

  13. Bismuth (Bi/ppm): 0.1

  14. Manganese (Mn/ppm): 0.1

  15. Teleurium (Te/ppm): 0.04

  16. Aluminium (Al/ppm): 0.5

  17. Magnesium (Mg/ppm): 0.4

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More about our Trading Desk 

Our commodities Trading desk 

We trade for you 

Welcome to our trading desk ( A group of multidisciplinary people )

Our goal is the delivery of innovative, tailor-made logistics and commodities trading solutions that give our customers quantifiable added value. We achieve this with our dedicated personnel, our long-standing experience and the latest information technology. Furthermore, our relationships with customers, subcontractors, and employees are guided by an attitude of partnership. This is our philosophy from the beginning of BE2BE TRADERS GROUP

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