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As the 20th century witnessed the revolutions of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity that gave rise to an exponential development of technology, forever changing man’s conception of the world, nanotechnology −the art of single atom manipulation and control− holds today the potential to transport man into a new reality all together within the next two to three decades.

LATMETAL LLC is a Startup Company recently established in the State of Florida specialized in the manufacturing of first-rate copper and gold nano particles for use in industry and research.

Through years of dedicated R&D, our company engineers and laboratory technicians have mastered a novel proprietary technique to manufacture zero valent, stabilized copper nano particles with purities ranging from 99.9% to above 99.999%.

LATMETAL LLC prides itself in offering world class nano particles, where copper goes directly from the Chilean copper mines into our laboratory where it is transformed into a world class product certified to international standards.

Research on the potential applications of gold and copper nano particles is a thrilling field being conducted in National Laboratories and Industry round the world. Proper characterization of their dielectric, magnetic, electrical, optical, imaging, catalytic, biomedical and bioscience properties will allow them to be used alone, or combined with other nano materials, to improve the performance of products used in consumer goods, in construction, the aerospace, military, medical, pharmacological, oil, chemical and energy industries.

Nanotechnology holds the promise of one day having from simple anti-aging body cream or anti- microbial paints to nano engineered robots surveying our bodies to prevent the appearance of maladies and repair damaged organs or even cure cancer. Of having nano machines built for water purification and carbon sequestration, therefore curving climate change. Of having quasi infinitely rechargeable batteries and highly efficient fuel cells. We may live in highly energy efficient, lighter yet stronger, self- cleaning and intelligent buildings. We may be wearing intelligent clothes. The applications are literarily unimaginable.

LATMETAL’s high purity zero valent copper nano particles and nano gold are natural candidates for use in most −if not all− of foreseen applications. The Nanotechnology market has moved circa 120 BUS$ in 2002, 300 in 2005, 500 in 2009 and 800 in 2015 worldwide; the Industrial return looking exceedingly promising.

In the words of Christos Tokamanis, chief of Nanotechnology Research for the European Union, “Nanotechnology becomes a socio political project”. This means the European Union, as is the USA, is heavily committed to and investing in nanotechnology.

LATMETAL LLC is a company devoted to the excellence of his products, deeply committed with the full growth potential of nanotechnology.

LATMETAL LLC is proud to be part of the thrill of scientific discovery that is rapidly changing the world we live in.

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