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We rapidly develop the Latin American, US and Asia Market in a variety of commodities areas: Commodities Trading, Energy Companies’ Bond Trading, High Net Worth Capital Investments/Wealth Management, Government Debt, Project Financing. We believe that by combining  partners capabilities in the U.S. and European markets and our Group’s strong foothold and network in Latin America, US AND ASIA we can capitalize the Regions’ growing opportunities for our clients.



Gain Total Access To Latin America, US AND ASIA Network Services* High Net Worth Investors (Individuals & Companies) * Over 400 key investors US$20Mn + investment capacity * Government Officials (from Presidents to Key Ministers) * Commodities Companies and Organizations Strategic Services * Develop the right access strategies to the different key players in the different countries * Define and deploy the best structure strategy to service the market * Build the business relationship consistently across the different LATAM , US AND ASIA countries * Access to key media and powerful PR sources to create a strong presence in The Region in a very short period of time

Our main goal: We go directly with the decision makers in to the commodities markets.

Jonathan Massiani
Founder and Principal

individual direct and indirect in more than 15 countries. We connect you with Entrepreneurs, companies and decision makers. Our CEO JONATHAN MASSIANI "THE CONNECTOR" became an important part of a community of influential people, businessmen, brands and pioneers in various industries.

Credibility and speed of execution characterize us. Our extensive business relationships allow us to give you the real opportunity to crystallize your business and expand them substantially. Having the right person or the institution you need can be an arduous and frustrating road, with us the road is much faster and more pleasant. We have the connections you need for business success, direct high-level relationships in more than 15 countries that could be the piece you need to successfully close your deal. We take you by the hand in the entire process of business connections and business networking opportunities.

Rita Comparelli

Rita Comparelli CEO of ntegrity International Trading, LLC, is a business dedicated to  finding effective solutions for trading of commodities and manufacturing ingredients for the industry; for that, we work with a highly professional staff, an advanced technological platform and comprehensive service that lets us offer added value to our brands, products and services. The experience we have acquired lets us anticipate your needs using proposals and innovative solutions; we also offer comprehensive advice in all of the process areas, including the location, price, shipping, receiving and post-sale follow up.

Othman Gamero
Financial Adviser
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